Why Choose Relequa?

Our Proven Track Record

Relequa began its life producing an analytical instrument to provide novel information about the behaviour of moisture in materials for the pharmaceutical industry. We are committed to researching into moisture behaviour to bring to our customers the most innovative products on the market for moisture analysis.

We have discovered the key parameters in the way moisture first interacts with a material. These discoveries in moisture behaviour evolved into our company mission to provide you with the best possible way of understanding and controlling moisture in your products.  Our philosophy is to gain knowledge at the fundamental level where water vapour comes into contact with a material and use that knowledge to provide you with solutions in moisture control.

A solution can be as simple as just knowing that your products are manufactured consistently within a moisture specification. To show that consistency we need precision in our measurement.  At Relequa we have developed analytical precision in measuring the moisture status of materials. We have built our new Moisture Profiling™ system, the MP-1000, to deliver this precision to you.

We have said from the very beginning of Relequa, that there are many more interesting and exciting things to discover about moisture. Each new discovery has led us to a deeper understanding to help you gain moisture control in your products.

Relequa gives you a different way of looking at moisture activity in your products. We are the only company offering this product and its unique Moisture Profiling™ approach. Watch our Video to find out more about our unique product.