Putting you in control of moisture

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Moisture Profiling™

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Putting you in control of moisture

Our customer focused approach in “Putting you in control of moisture” is our dedicated approach to investigation and discovery. We want our customers to understand moisture by empowering them with ways of controlling their materials and products. Speed to reach that outcome is a vital part of our technology helping our customers to quick solutions to moisture issues.

Understanding the Effects of Moisture Adsorption

Modern pharmaceutical manufacture is worldwide. Millions of tons of product valued at billions of dollars are constantly shipped from the manufacturing site to distribution networks. Moisture in transport is a risk to the quality of the product delivered to the patient. Our methodology ensures that repeatability of moisture profiles gives equilibrium point results with low standard deviations. This gives assurances that Moisture Profiling™ in point to point analysis of product, from the manufacturing process to shipping, saves the industry invaluable time and money.

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Better Risk Management & Control with Precise Moisture Profiling

There are many risks to the quality of products during manufacture. Risk is always present where products are manufactured at sites in environments quite different from the conditions from the site of product development, or when an established manufacturing process is moved to another country. Fluctuations in humidity caused by seasonal variation or climate change is a risk to products from raw material storage and handling through the manufacturing process and into the packing area. Extreme weather is a particular risk during shipments. This risk in manufacture can be reduced by using Moisture Profiling™ to gain a deeper understanding of the key factors that drive moisture interaction of your materials.

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